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D glfr's guyd 2 txt msgN

Emoticons and words for general use
I'm playing well :-)
I'm playing really well :-))
I'm playing fantastically well :-D
Great shot! :-o
Fantastic shot! :-0
Get in the hole! GITH!
I don't believe what you just did! 8-0
You have to have a bit of luck now and again ;-)
You've got the luck of the devil ]:->
Playing badly :-(
I don't know why I play this game :-[
I'm playing so badly I could cry ;-(...
Pin / Flagstick ^--
Driver drIvr
Three wood 3w%d
Five iron 5IN
Wedge wej
Sand wedge s&wej
Putter putr
Belly putter belEputr
My shot O-G-<
I'm running in, it's raining O-S-< ""
We're having to wait behind a slow group :-(-&-<
Bunker bnkr
Green grEn
Rough ruf
Trees YYY or trEz
Out of bounds fence with barbed wire ¥
There are snakes in the long grass ||~~~~8}||
Me? Use gamesmanship? 0;-)
You drove 300 yards? Pull the other one! :-----)
Put your money where your mouth is :-$
Backswing O-/-<
Follow-through O-\-<
Bunkered / In sand s&
Fore! 4!
Duck! /O\!
That only just missed me (:+(
More or less straight ±str8
Sliced it .(
Hooked it .)
Sliced by a left-hander (applies to hook, etc..) .)
Pushed it ./
Pulled it .\
Topped it .__
Skied it .|
Shanked it .//!
Water hazard ~~!
I'm in the water hazard ~.~
Uphill putt !put
Downhill ¡put
Right to left putt ?put
Left to right putt ¿put
Glove gluv
Shoes shUz
Spikes spIx
Tees Tz
I hit three balls in the lake on the 16th i ... lAk @ 16
Stone dead X-(
Give me a high five ^5
Could you keep your voice down please? :-Y
I take my hat off to you / Thank you d :-)
Hacker / Please put your cap on properly q:-|
Mind your language please :-@!
Ladies around! O+ O+
No spitting on this course please no :-'
I'm dying for a drink :-)~
I'm looking forward to that beer in the 19th :-9
I'm having a beer in the 19th [_])
I've had several beers in the 19th :*)
I've had too many beers in the 19th %-}
I had too many beers last night %-\
I prefer a glass of wine ())=(
I prefer champagne bolE
Bottoms Up! BU!
My glass is empty \_/
Shall we have one more? 1 \~/?
Anyone for tea? :-)~D?

To discover more useful text messages, click on the links below: Important notice:  AnyoneForTee strongly urges you not to use your mobile phone for talk on the golf course, as it is annoying and distracting to others. We recommend that you set your phone to 'silent' or 'vibrate' alert before beginning a round of golf, or turn it off, in consideration for your fellow golfers. But texting, silently, is OK.

Besides, someone will always leave a message if it's that urgent, and after all, what is more important - golf or business?
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