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Basic scoring
(incorporating the AnyoneForTee scoring system)
Albatross ~~O~~
Eagle ~O~
Birdie -o- or ):>
Par pR
Bogey bOgE
Hawk (2 over par) hwk
Grouse (3 over par) grous
Turkey (4 over par) turkE
Goose (5 over par) g%s
Snipe (6 over par) snIp
Quail (7 over par) kwAl
Partridge (8 over par) pRtrij
Vulture (9 over par) vlchr
Dodo (10 over par) dOdO
Great Auk (11 over par) gr8 auk
Moa (12 over par) mOa
Roc (13 over par) roc
Phoenix (14 over par) fEnX
Archaeopteryx (15 or more over par) RkEopterix
Hole in one hOl N 1
Handicap hcp
Stableford stAblfd
Match play _?plA
9 over par for three holes 9^pR 4 3 hOlz
22 over par for the front nine 22^pR 4 D frnt 9
80-something 8tyST
90-something 9tyST
100 and something 100ST

To discover more useful text messages, click on the links below: Important notice:  AnyoneForTee strongly urges you not to use your mobile phone for talk on the golf course, as it is annoying and distracting to others. We recommend that you set your phone to 'silent' or 'vibrate' alert before beginning a round of golf, or turn it off, in consideration for your fellow golfers. But texting, silently, is OK.

Besides, someone will always leave a message if it's that urgent, and after all, what is more important - golf or business?
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