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Join in The Great Bogey Debate

Bogey or Bacall? Golfing world to decide - London, October 15, 2013

The Beauty ? Or the Beast ?

The instigators of a fundamental shake-up of golf's scoring system (see our lead story: "That was no triple bogey, you just shot a grouse!") are preparing to take an even more radical step, we can reveal.

The stage two proposal involves a change to the term 'bogey' for one over par. Describing the term as "unfortunate" for a score that represents a considerable achievement for the majority of golfers, AnyoneForTee has decided to press for a change to the name.

"For most of us, a bogey is a thing of beauty," said a spokesman.

"When a professional scores well, he gets rewarded with something pleasant from nature, like a birdie, eagle or albatross. All we get is sn.. - I beg your pardon, mucus. S'not right.., not right at all..."

Worried that a name change might be a step too far for the notoriously conservative golf community, Anyone For Tee is testing opinion by holding the world's first-ever serious golf opinion poll.

They have come up with what they believe is a fitting - and more attractive - alternative to bogey.

"It's simple," the spokesman said. "Besides being, well, you know what, Bogey also conjures up images of that great movie star, Humphrey Bogart who, by the way, was no mean golfer.

"But whereas Bogie was hardly known for his looks, his most famous co-star (and one-time wife), Lauren Bacall, was one of the great beauties of our time."

"Bacall is quite simply the perfect association with what to many of us is an excellent score. So it's a simple choice, Bogey or Bacall? This is golf democracy in action."

You can be a part of that golf democracy.

To vote, simply note your preference below - or send us your own idea for a suitable name - and submit your choice by pressing the button at the bottom of the page.


Your name (or pseudonym):
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I prefer:    
I don't like any of these choices. I would prefer:
If you would like to explain your choice to us, or make any other comments, please write in this box:
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