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  Welcome to the first celebrity-packed issue of OB! Magazine, the home of golfing celebrities.  OB! Magazine is dedicated to bringing you all the hot gossip from the world of golf, intimate portraits of famous players both amateur and professional, all the pictures the stars didn't want you to see, fashion and beauty tips, the best places to dine when you're golfing, plus lots of photos of gorgeous women with very few clothes on, if we can find even the vaguest pretext to mention them in relation to golf. In fact, no golfing subject is Out of Bounds in OB! Magazine!

  What's cooking with Annika?

Has Annika Sörenstam got a bun in the oven? Annika's not telling, but OB! Magazine's spies hear that she feels she has achieved all her goals in professional golf, and would like to settle down and start a family with husband David Esch.
Sadly, after years on tour Annika may be the queen of the greens, but she can't boil an egg, so she recently took lessons in New York where our photographer snapped her with a steak that wasn't marking the out of bounds!
OB!'s Celebrity News Round-Up

We catch the celebs wherever they are!
  • A salute to HRH the Duke of York

    Well done Sir! The Duke of York has played himself in as Captain of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in the traditional manner, by driving a ball off the first tee in front of the members to the sound of a cannon.
    Far from succumbing to nerves or being put off by the cannon's roar, Prince Andrew, the sixth member of the Royal Family to hold the honour, nailed a beauty right down the fairway. R&A secretary Peter Dawson said the ceremony was always a very tense occasion for the new captain, but added: "Quite honestly he hit the best drive down this hole that I have ever seen."

  • The pictures Tiger didn't want you to see!
    Is Tiger Woods a love rat? Judging by these pictures, he was pretty pleased to see this leggy blonde who couldn't wait for the world no. 1 to finish his round before sneaking in for a snog.
    Of course, Tiger wouldn't be the only world no. 1 to get into a very public embrace with his secret squeeze.
    Does anyone remember a certain William Jefferson Clinton, and a young brunette in a beret?
    According to many who have played with him, ex-President Clinton cheats at golf too, but at least we can't level that accusation at Tiger! So come on Tiger, get back to the lovely Elin. No wonder she looks so glum (see our "Gossip" story at right)!

OB! Magazine Special Offer - The Montyphone!

Yes, you can own the smartest 'phone in the golf club with this unbeatable offer from OB! Magazine. Show your support for Monty by waving it at him on Tour - he'll love it!

As used by the seven time Order of Merit winner to call his lawyers whenever a photographer comes within 500 yards.

Tri-band, so you can follow Monty wherever he goes. Only 299.95!
  OB! Magazine's Tour Gossip
  • J.Lo and Ben - interlocking again?
    Seems as though J.Lo and Ben are back together again, just days after sensationally cancelling their dream wedding at the eleventh hour. OB! Magazine's photographer captured the couple in intimate mood when Ben returned from a weekend in Las Vegas. And what was Ben doing there? Not gambling, he assured us, but getting a grip on life by catching up with old friend Butch Harmon, coach to the stars. It looks as though Butch gave Ben a few pointers about correct use of the bottom hand!

  • Is it all over for Tiger and Elin?
    Tiger watchers have had their eye (even more than usual!) on his beautiful Swedish girlfriend, Elin Nordegren, recently. They detect signs of a cooling in the relationship, which some insiders say is the cause of Tiger's poor form in 2003.
    Certainly OB! Magazine's photographer caught the lovely Elin looking distinctly unamused by life at a recent tournament, and Tiger's own body language doesn't augur well for the future of the world no. 1's relationship with his Swedish siren.

  • Kylie to do golfing shoot for 2004 calendar?
    Rumours are flying that Aussie songbird Kylie Minogue is about to shoot a golfing version of her famous GQ magazine cover for her 2004 calendar. Several top glamour photographers are said to be vying for the honour of catching Kylie playing a round on the course. The news will come as no surprise to seasoned Kylie-watchers, who have seen by her recent boyfriends that Kylie likes a bit of rough!
    The whereabouts of the shoot are being kept a closely guarded secret, but OB! Magazine understands it is likely to be in Australia, so watch out Kylie! We don't want a Great White Shark biting your bum!

  • Who posed for the Trophée Lancôme?
    We hear Laura Davies is offering the following odds in the hunt for the model: 5-4 Tiger Woods, 3-1 Ernie Els, 25-1 Jesper Parnevik, 50-1 Colin Montgomerie and 500-1 Craig Stadler.
  October's OB! celebrity profile: Veteran shock rocker Alice Cooper!

The old rocker doesn't bite the heads off chickens and more, he just shoots birdies! But has he really mellowed? "I'm still a very aggressive person," he says, "but these days I channel all that energy into my golf game." At 55, Alice says he is fitter now "than all the Rolling Stones put together", and is a regular on the pro-am and benefit circuit in America, where he is a popular partner to the pros.

Alice (real name Vince Furnier - he got the name Alice Cooper from a Ouija board session!) took up golf in the days when he was touring for weeks on end, and spent his days in hotel rooms drinking. His road-manager talked him into trying golf and he proved to be a natural! His handicap has been as low as 2, but these days he claims to be "about 6 or 7". His lowest score came on the Camelback course in Phoenix, Arizona, where he came to the 18th needing a par for a 69, then hit driver, 3-wood and a chip-in for a 67!

Alice and SherylToday Alice has his own charity tournament in Phoenix every April, benefitting inner city kids. Happily married to Sheryl since 1976, Alice has three children and since the mid-80's has been a practising Christian. Although he loves rock and continues to tour, he has tempered many of the wild excesses which made him famous, saying "I was one thing at one time, and I'm something new. I'm a new creature now. Don't judge Alice by what he used to be. Praise God for what I am now."

His recipe for good golf is simple, regular play, but not so much he loses freshness. "I play almost six times a week... sometimes seven. But, the deal is, if you play that much, sometimes you get really sloppy. So, sometimes it's good to go ahead and take three or four days off, forget all about it and come back in to the game."

No doubt about it, golf has given Alice Cooper a new lease of life. However, as these photos of Alice and our reporter, who managed to beat him on one hole, show, it's still a case of once a rocker, always a rocker - "I would never give up rock 'n' roll for golf."

  A Name to Remember!

Virada Nirapathpongporn was the name on everyone's lips at this year's US Women's Amateur Championship in Philadelphia.

The delightful 21 year old from Bangkok beat Jane Park 2&1 in the final and then announced "My name's going to be known now". But don't panic, we're in luck. Her friends call her "Oui"!
  OB!'s Make-Up Tips

Here's a handy - sorry, footsy - tip from US Solheim Cup player Heather Bowie.
For that top to toe patriotic look, why not put the Stars and Stripes (or the Union Jack) on your big toe? You never know when you'll need to take your shoes off!
  Celebrities at home - Philip Price lets us look in his sock drawer!

It is probably fair to say that Philip Price was not a household name until the 2002 Ryder Cup, when he pulled off one of the great singles upsets by beating then world no. 2 Phil Mickelson. Since then the quiet man from Wales has gone from strength to strength, taking the Smurfit European Open at the K Club with a steely birdie on the 72nd hole, and moving up to no. 50 in the official world rankings.

A former Pontypridd 'Man of the Year', Price the golfer goes about his business on the course with a cool efficiency, so we wondered what Price the man was like off the course. Not one for the media spotlight, he nevertheless agreed to let us into his home, and showed us one of his most prized possessions, his antique sock-drawer, which houses one of golf's finest collections of hosiery.

Philip's sock-drawer"It's usually rather tidier than this," he joked, as we examined the overflowing antique. "I'm just about to leave for a tournament, and I've been choosing my socks for the week, so it's all a bit higgledy-piggeldy," he explained. "I'm a fairly conservative dresser, but I've always been a bit of a sock-man. I think you can let a little excitement into your dress with some interesting socks, without looking too flashy. I've got quite an extensive collection - something like 200 pairs, so my wife Sandra tells me. Of course, since we've been married, she helps me choose them."

Sandra and Philip, socking it to the US Ryder Cup TeamWe asked Sandra, who married Philip in 1999, how she felt about all this attention to socks, when the public rarely if ever catches a glimpse of her husband's hose. "I think it's rather fun," she said. "Everyone thinks Philip is a boring old golf pro in boring old clothes, but I know that underneath the greys and blues of his slacks and sweaters he's wearing a pair a purple party-cow socks, or maybe his crosswords. It's our little secret."

Philip has allowed us to photograph some of his socks, and has very kindly offered us his favourite pair of 'party-cow' (below second from left) socks to be auctioned for charity. Thank you Philip, you're a true gentleman.

From left to right: Crossword, Party-Cows, Ballooning and New York Taxi

  Buys to Die For!

Get the latest in Hollywood golfing gear with these fabulous diamond-encrusted golf clubs from Bling®! As played by Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Costner,while many more stars queue up to buy these strictly limited edition clubs.

The "Twenty-Two Carat" putter has two 11 carat diamonds set into the heel and toe weighted body, faciliting alignment and driving your friends crazy with envy.

The driver has a 15 carat diamond set into the clubface for extra spring at impact, with an 8 carat stone insert behind the sweet spot for more weight and power off the tee.

For the ultimate in Bling®! (Putter £49.995, Driver £49.995, special offer at only £89.995 for the pair from Harrods and all good golf pros.)
  OB! Fashion - We loved this...

Carin Koch has always been a cool Swedish beauty.
These tastefully dyed pigtails and navy-blue, functional visor are just the job to go out and win the Solheim Cup! 10/10.
  But we hated this...

Unusual dress is sometimes an advantage in matchplay if it upsets an opponent, but US veteran Rosie Jones has overdone it here in the Solheim Cup. The pompons must be a distraction when swinging, and the colours clash with her red hair. 1/10.
  October's OB! celebrity chef is... Justin Rose cooking Spotted Dick!

Justin Rose first came to prominence as an amateur in the Open Championship, and is now rising rapidly up the professional ranks. A true Englishman who loves traditional English cooking, he admits he has a sweet tooth, but he does a lot of exercise, so he can afford it better than some of us! Talking exclusively to OB! Magazine, Justin tells us why he chose to feature Spotted Dick, and gives us his (Mum's) personal recipe.

"I'm built on the tall and lanky side, so when we play in the wind keeping my balance and my footing is my top priority. I've always found that a good, stodgy Spotted Dick with plenty of custard helps to anchor me to the ground. There's also plenty of energy in all that fruit and suet and above all it tastes great, especially with extra sugar on top! I never go to play on a links venue without a big Spotted Dick in my bag!"

For Justin's Spotted Dick you will need:
  • 50g/2oz white breadcrumbs
  • 50g/2oz self raising flour
  • 100g/4oz shredded suet
  • 200g/8oz prepared stoned raisins
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 grated nutmeg
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/8 teaspoon mace
  • 25g/1oz whole candied peel, finely chopped
  • the grated zest of one orange
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons brandy
Mix the breadcrumbs with the suet and flour in a large bowl. Add the raisins making sure that none are stuck together. When these ingredients are well mixed, add the salt, nutmeg, ginger, mace, candied peel and orange zest, mixing thoroughly.

In a small basin beat the eggs well and add them with the brandy to the mixture, stirring for at least five minutes to amalgamate the contents thoroughly. Pack the pudding basin with the mixture, cover with grease-proof paper and foil and tie down with a string. Steam for four hours, making sure that the saucepan doesn't boil dry.

Serving Suggestion: Lashings of hot custard! Sugar to taste.
Accompanying Beverage: Montbazillac, cider, or a nice cup of tea.
Degree of Cooking Difficulty: Low
Serves four normal people, two greedy ones or one absolute pig!
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  • Plus all the news and gossip about your favourite golfing celebs coming your way in November's OB! Magazine.

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