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Old Course hosts Scotch Opening

April 20, 2003;  Source:
Old Course launches new malt as publisher goes into reverse gear with new scoring system

ST ANDREWS. Golfers indulging in too many whiskies at the 19th hole now have the perfectly legitimate excuse of being able to call home and say: “Sorry I’m late darling, but I’m preserving the golf course” – all thanks to the launch of a new Scotch whisky.

The Old Course Clubhouse 12 year old single malt has been launched by an independent company, The Scotch Embassy, together with the charitable institution St Andrews Links Trust, which preserves and manages the famous golf courses of St Andrews in Scotland. Royalties from sales go to the preservation of the Old Course St Andrews, the world’s most celebrated course.

The delicious dram is presented in a distinctive gift canister, featuring famous holes of the Old Course, including the infamous Road Hole (17th), The Tom Morris (18th) and the Bobby Jones (10th).

The whisky was launched at the Old Course itself earlier this month, on a day when players had to play it in reverse order (starting on the 1st tee but playing to the 17th green, then playing from the 18th tee to the 16th green, and continuing round the course in a clockwise direction).

This strategy was tailor-made to AnyoneForTee publisher Martin Moodie, who has been playing backward golf for years, though never before on purpose.

Moodie: Why has he tucked his trousers in his socks?Moodie (on the left in this photo), a self-confessed and self-awarded 24-handicap duffer, was joined, appropriately enough, by Scotland on Sunday drinks columnist Martin Isark, a 19-handicapper who, in the process of playing the world’s most famous course back to front, also became the first golfing guinea pig to trial AnyoneForTee’s revolutionary new golf scoring system (see our story “That was no Triple Bogey, you just shot a Grouse!”).

While it would be unsporting of us to divulge Mr Isark’s card, we can reveal the truly ghastly details of our publisher’s round, which included three turkeys (four over par), a brace of Grouse (+3) and a truly cooked Goose (+5) on the 2nd (the famous 17th in reverse). The balance was made up by some fighting Hawks (+2), several honourable Bogeys (see The Great Bogey Debate) and, whisper it softly, a genuine Birdie on the 525 par 5 14th.

Playing the world’s most famous course the wrong way round AND trialling a radical new golfing system in the same round is enough to drive a man to drink. And so it did. As a result, we can reveal that a 19th hole tasting of Old Course Clubhouse malt unveiled a lovely soft, floral whisky (unusually, it has been aged in casks that previously held wine made from the fruity Chenin Blanc grape) with a soft, floral character and a hint of sweetness.

Publisher’s warning: Do not drink and drive. If you have had a dram of Old Course Clubhouse before your round, please confine yourself to using an iron off the tee.

* AnyoneForTee has 6 bottles of Old Course Clubhouse 12 year old single malt to give away. E-mail us on telling us the affectionate alias for the Old Course St Andrews Links. A fine malt whisky will be on its way to the first six readers with the right answer.

To find out more about the St Andrews Links and the activities of the Trust, go to

A Duffer at the Home of Golf
Can I have another Old Course scotch please? AnyoneForTee's Martin Moodie on the most hallowed ground in golf.

Left: A visibly tense Moodie awaits his tee-off time.

Right: How can something which looks so right go so wrong?

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